Meet the women behind the beans

Meet the women behind the beans


Kaap Koffie collaborates with a cooperative known as Cooagronevada. Cooagronevada is an organic, fair trade, and women care certified corporation. The corporation’s primary focus is to improve the quality of life of women, their families, and the communities they belong to. It therefore produces coffee exclusively made by women, while maintaining environmentally sustainable standards.

The fair trade certification ensures fair prices are paid to producers. The women care certification guarantees gender equity, access to resources, training and ensures women participate as equal partners at all levels.

By purchasing this coffee, Kaap Koffie not only chooses high-quality coffee, but also supports the recognition of women.

In addition to Cooagronevada, we partner with Ecol Sierra. Ecol Sierra is a company specialized in commercial export of specialty coffee. In case of international export, this company safeguards the interests of farmers in Colombia.

Ecol Sierra ensures fair compensation and guarantees safe and humane working conditions for their partnering companies, such as Cooagronevada.They also prioritizes the conservation of flora and fauna, ensuring the use of environmentally friendly techniques.

Additionally, Ecol Sierra guarantees organic traceability and ensures transparency in the commercial processes within international markets. They handle the management with the customs agent and international shipping companies for the transfer of the organic coffees from Colombia to the rest of the world, without subcontracting third parties for the processing. The absence of subcontracting third parties improves the quality of life of the farmers of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and their families.