About the journey

Our coffee beans are sailed by Kaap Kargo, which was founded in 2022. To combat pollution within the maritime industry, Kaap Kargo offers sailing cargo vessels as a sustainable alternative to traditional container ships. Kaap Kargo strives to support global climate goals by utilizing wind power and human effort instead of depending on fossil fuels.

Founded in 2022, Kaap Kargo is proud to be more than just a cargo company; we are pioneers in sustainable shipping. Breaking free from the conventional, we've set sail with the Ide Min, crossing the Atlantic Ocean with 60 tons of organic coffee beans from Colombia to the heart of Amsterdam. This journey can be made twice a year, traveling there and back for approximately five months (depending on the wind) But it's not just a journey across the seas; it's a commitment to a greener tomorrow. Our second ship, currently under construction, will boast a capacity of 120 tons, doubling our curousin fostering sustain atia looks like, follow our Voyage Diaries

The combination of our shipbuilding skills and entrepreneurial experience drives our ambition to establish a fleet of sailing cargo vessels.

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Kaap Kargo